Are Mushrooms Legal in Canada? How to Buy Magic Mushrooms

are magic mmushrooms legal in canada

Are mushrooms legal in Canada? 

It’s a tricky question to answer because technically, the answer is no, but mushroom spore kits and cultivation kits are legal and are available for purchase easily online and even in stores. 

However, those with a prescription or medical exemption (usually palliative patients), can purchase and use shrooms under medical guidance. 

It’s a convoluted rule which states that psilocybin and psilocin, the hallucinogenic compounds found in magic mushrooms, are illegal to possess, obtain, and produce without a prescription or license. 

Yet, confusingly, grow kits are deemed legal since they don’t contain psilocybin or psilocin. 

This quasi-legal status that mushrooms currently enjoy harkens back to the era of cannabis illegality, where you could sell, buy, and smoke pot in most Canadian cities and the authorities would turn a blind eye. 

After all, one of cannabis culture’s biggest 4/20 events is hosted in Vancouver, BC, where hundreds of vendors and thousands of tokers congregate to enjoy and celebrate all things cannabis! 

However, similar to how advances in marijuana research led to our favourite flower’s legalization in late 2018, magic mushrooms could be going down the same path.

are mushrooms legal in canada

Not too long ago, a study was released revealing that the effects of psilocybin were at least 4x stronger than traditional antidepressants. 

The study was conducted with 24 adults suffering from major depression. They were each administered two doses of psilocybin accompanied by supportive psychotherapy. Researchers state that magic mushrooms can offer those suffering from depression a faster, healthier way to recovery without any of the adverse side effects that so often accompany traditional anti-depressant use. 

Dr. Davis, the co-author of the study and Adjunct Assistant Professor at the John Hopkins Center for Psychedelic & Consciousness Research says that mushrooms and depression “could be a game-changer if these findings hold up.”

While mushrooms are illegal with the exception of medical use, the Canadian government could be planning to shake things up.

Mona Strelaweff, a 67-year old woman from Victoria, BC, was just granted an exemption from the federal government which allows her to use magic mushrooms to treat her trauma. 

This is the first instance where the Canadian government is allowing non-terminal, non-palliative patients to use shrooms for their treatment. 

Following in the footsteps of the state of Oregon, an American state which just recently voted to legalize magic mushroom assisted psychotherapy statewide a few days ago on Nov. 3, the Canadian government’s next move could provide some relief for end-of-life-care patients and an alternative method of treatment for mental health patients. 

In 2020, Health Minister Patty Hajdu had granted a legal exemption to a cancer patient in Saskatchewan, allowing them to use psilocybin as an alternative to psychotherapy. This exemption would be the first of dozens that the Health Minister would grant for magic mushrooms, which was banned in Canada in 1974. 

This exemption marked a drastic shift from Canada’s longstanding policy on magic mushrooms and psilocybin, but critics argue that the changes aren’t coming fast enough and for not enough people. 

Why the Sudden Change?

Magic mushrooms, otherwise known as psilocybe cubensis, have been around for a long time. 

Long before research into psychedelic substances such as LSD and shrooms began in 1995, shrooms were used ceremoniously and religiously for thousands of years by various cultures around the world.  

As more and more research comes out in support of psychedelic-assisted therapy, public opinion is changing to support the decriminalization and use of these trippy mushroom caps. 

Medical psilocybin, much like medical marijuana, could be making its way into treatment centers and therapy clinics sooner than you might think. 

are magic mushrooms legal in canada for therapy

TheraPsil, a non-profit NGO that advocates for psychedelic-assisted therapy report that they’ve been “inundated with requests.” 

Since then, they’ve helped many Canadian doctors and therapists apply for medical exemptions which would allow them to take psilocybin for educational and training purposes. 

Their goal is to kickstart the first legal training program for medical professionals to learn about and practice psychedelic-assisted therapy. 

What’s the reason for this sudden change in tone? Well, persuasive research from institutions such as John Hopkins University and the University of California may have inspired a shift in policy. The effects of combining magic mushrooms and depression have been phenomenal, to say the least, with more and more research pointing to psilocybin as a key component for therapy involving patients with PTSD, anxiety and complex trauma. 

Can You Buy Magic Mushrooms in Canada?

Although many exemptions were granted to medical patients across Canada, many others are either being denied or left to their own devices.

Are mushrooms legal in Canada? The answer is pretty much ‘yes,’ but there are a few hoops you’ll have to jump through if you want to use shrooms while also receiving therapy.

Nathan Kruljac, who applied for an exemption in March of 2020, is still waiting as of today.

Krujlac, who was 25 when he got diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma and is now in remission, is still traumatized from the experience and says that even though the cancer is gone, he never truly recovered.

“What upsets me is that there are 50 other people in this country that have been given the exemption to choose their own path to healing. I am being treated differently which goes against our Charter of Rights and Freedoms,” he said. “And that’s what’s really upsetting me right now because there’s not only myself but there are other people.”

Another patient, 67-year old Jim Doswell, colon cancer and T-cell lymphoma survivor, has been waiting for an exemption as well, without any news or updates regarding his application. 

“With all due deference to the minister, I don’t need her for this,” Doswell said. “I can go down the street in Vancouver to dispensaries and buy this product.”

Although you can buy mushrooms online, it’ll be difficult to see a therapist at the same time without help from the Canadian government, prompting many to not purchase them at all and consequently, not get the help that they need.

Krujlac says that the antidepressants and other forms of therapy he’s been receiving can only do so much. 

“I want to feel human again. I want to be able to look at my front door and not be terrified,” Krujlac said.

This question is about as complicated and technical to answer as “are mushrooms legal in Canada.” 

The short and quick answer is: it depends.

Shrooms, unlike cannabis, offer a different experience to everybody. 

There is no checklist of expected effects, revelations, or epiphanies that’s standard for each user. You can expect a few things to happen, but there isn’t a standard for what magic mushrooms can do for you.

The effects of psychedelics depend primarily on your state of mind, your surroundings, and your past experiences. Many of us on the Mushroom Genie have used and continue to use shrooms both for recreational and medicinal purposes, but that isn’t to say that we recommend everyone to dive headfirst into the world of psychedelics. 

After all, there’s a reason why all of the patients who’ve gained the opportunity to use psychedelics use them alongside a trained professional. Even figuring out how long do shrooms last can take a few tries to get correct. 

Magic mushrooms, when used correctly, can help you deal with traumatic experiences, overcome personal barriers, and reach a level of enlightenment that you would otherwise think impossible if you’ve never had the opportunity to consume shrooms yourself. 

Intensely introspective, shrooms allow you to turn your perspective inwards and reflect. The hardest questions are often the ones you ask yourself, and these come rising to the surface as you begin to wrap your head around different perspectives and ways of thinking.

It’s a spiritual journey, but that’s precisely the reason why many end-of-life and palliative patients find solace and relief after a psychedelic trip. 

The enlightenment and personal journey that you’ll go on while on a mushrooms trip opens up your mind to new possibilities and ways of thinking – a fact that’s not lost on those going through therapy. 

With all that being said, you don’t have to be a palliative patient or someone suffering from mental health to enjoy the experience and benefits that shrooms can provide. 

Beginner mushroom strains, such as Golden Teacher Mushrooms, offer a mild, introspective journey that’s perfect for novices without being too overwhelming. 

golden teacher mushrooms

To control the dosage, there are even shroom edibles and mushroom tea that deliver a controlled amount of psilocybin to ensure a smooth and easy journey. 

No matter the reason or objective, it’s important to source your magic mushrooms and shroom consumables from a trusted source such as Mushroom Genie. Be sure to browse our selection today and ask any of our Live Chat agents for questions should you have any! 

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